Wooden Huts and Timber Chalets – Exclusive Resort life style

The most ecological and very easy to build from is wood which was gifted to us by nature. What else can serve you better to construct specious villa at the beach side or a small cozy hut on the top of the mountain?

Surprisingly, the term “chalet” arrived from French-speaking part of Switzerland and French Savoy is originally referred to the term “hut” which derives from the medieval Latin “calittum”, which in its turn goes back to the Sanskrit root “cala” that means shelter.

Today Chalets serve many construction purposes from simple private vacation house or small eco-friendly resort style recreation homes (so called second homes) making it possible to be as much close to nature as possible.

Since ages people across the world have been using wood for construction in remote locations. Strong and light, with exceptional load-bearing capacity, wood is easy to handle and transport. It reduces the need for massive foundations which is viral for beach resorts, holiday homes, villas, etc. Fast, flexible and simple to renovate, it is easy to work with on-site using simple tools, and basically ideally prefabricated for extremely fast assembly at site.

Wooden resort can be built just for a season, dismantled after and reassembled again, even at some other location. And all this can be done with minimum damage to the wooden building thus securing your business risks while investing in beach resort property.

Developers working in beach recreation areas in Goa and Kerala know very well the advantages of building wooden homes comparing to the concrete ones: wooden huts can be installed very close by to the sea or even elevated above waterfront. Moreover, light wooden house complex of 20-30 buildings can be erected within just several weeks so that your resort can start operations within a month from the date when master plans finalized.

Eco-friendly holiday staying becomes a trend around the world, and India being a major tourist destination is not an exception. Investing in quality wooden homes for your resort on beach or hilltop you obtain not only worthy property but firstly the new meaning for your brand. This makes wood an ideal choice for both beach resorts and ones in snowy mountain tops. Being harmless to the environment, in comparison with concrete buildings, wooden house can be built in CRZ areas where other constructions are not at all allowed.

In addition, the unique characteristics of wood keep ideal comfort atmosphere indoors whether it is hot or cold, humid or too dry outside. Solid wood has the ability to regulate humidity and literally “breathe” through walls. Thus, you get the ideal level of humidity at your wooden home without any extra equipment, electricity savings come up to 40%!

Our prefabricated wooden homes, villas, pavilions and gazebos specially designed for beach areas and hill resorts are a blend of artistic originality and engineering excellence. The beauty and individuality of our wooden structures add style, character and value to any property, private or commercial, giving your families and guests the great feeling of adventurist creativity.