Pergolas and Gazebos – Solution for Builders and Developers

Gazebos and pergolas both provide a sheltered area to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests or just to have a rest in your garden being protected from direct sunlight.

Our wooden pergolas and gazebos of customized design can be finished within wide design options range differing in significant ways in shape, color shades and roofing material to be used, same as with use of handcrafted logs in overall appearance. So the type of the structure and its design depends on your personal taste and the desired use of it.

Light lumber structures look very nice surrounded by greenery and heavy log ones are more durable in coastal areas, very easy and fast to assemble at site as “finish yourself” furniture. And the main advantage is that at any time you can reassemble it, refresh design or shift to another site.

Pergolas are open on sides and tops, either square or rectangular and sometimes even in rounded shape, providing some shade for relaxing or entertaining, but do not provide protection from rain and weather.

These structures are typically built to highlight the natural beauty of climbing flowers.Gazebos (typically round, octagon or hexagonal) normally have open sides, finished with rails and seating, generally enclosed, protecting guests from rain and weather. Wide range of wood prefabrication and crafting options helps design differ from contemporary to sounding antique style.

Gazebos vary in size from a few feet in diameter for casual dining or relaxation to large structures to hold a band for outside performances.

100% made of seasoned wood only, our gazebos and pergolas have unique aesthetics for the respected users to enjoy comfortable and stylish retreat just by stepping out to the garden.

Another remarkable advantage of wooden gazebo and pergola – it can be easily build on the terrace, common areas of the societies and within clubhouses, and basically anywhere else even where RCC construction is not allowed at all.

Thus we are ready to build a pretty lovely wooden gazebo or pergola for you in any destination in India with immediate dispatch from factory stock!