Glulam: Readily Available. Cost Effective. Easily Installed.

The laminating process and use of kiln-dried lumber to manufacture glued laminated timbers minimize wood’s natural propensity to check, twist, warp and shrink in-service. Installations remain dimensionally stable and beautiful over time, virtually eliminating the need for expensive repairs and call backs. Standard connection details reduce mistakes and allow rapid installation. The availability of long lengths eliminates the need for splices and reduces construction times. Off-site fabrication of custom laminated timbers further reduces installation time.

The beauty of exposed glulam construction does not require the added expense of false ceilings to cover structural framework. Accurate manufacturing reduces the need for on-site fabrication, minimizing waste and labor costs during installation. Equally important, glulam timbers are readily adapted to design changes and minor adjustments during construction. Because glulam may be easily modified in the field to fit existing conditions, renovation projects are also simplified.