Modern techniques: Glulam, its engineering strength and dependable quality

By combining engineered strength with the warmth and beauty of wood, structural glued laminated timber (glulam) offers designers a multitude of options for large, open spaces with a minimum number of columns.

Structural glued laminated timber is manufactured by bonding assemblies of high-strength, kiln-dried lumber, with waterproof adhesives. 

Special bonding techniques allow individual lumber pieces to be joined end-to-end to form long laminations, then face-bonded to form deep timbers. Glulam is manufactured in both softwood and hardwood species. Popular species include Fir, Pine and Larch. Other species are available upon request.

The laminating process allows timbers to be produced in a variety of shapes from straight beams to graceful, curved arches. This architectural adaptability allows glulam to extend the enduring qualities of wood into applications as varied as individual designers’ imaginations.